If you can imagine it, you can make it happen” (A. Einstein)

A personal search, projected in natural and urban landscapes. In them, empty of physical human beings, I project myself baring my interior. A search for a way of expression that welcomes in photography what is normally left outside of the scene, although influencing it: the feeling aroused by the weather conditions, the mood, what our imagination projects on the image.
The relationship between man and landscape.
To achieve this objective this journey embarks upon a double task. A physical journey where the places will provide us the elements unique to its surroundings: the light, the vegetation, the mineral components, the elements added by man. An instrospective journey to show how imagination overcomes the limitations of what we see, suggesting new interpretations, new paths, breaking new ground.
Fourteen triptychs linked by a path that begins from the real image and leads us to its own abstract image.

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