Dear friend, waiting room companion, of endless trips, of studying and relaxing times, a useful present, a distraction from problems and noise, tireless master, silent witness to history and the passage of time, the reason for ongoing discussions and silences…

Friend, you who entrench my beliefs or else make me doubt them, you who increase my knowledge and goals, you who criticise my objectives and create new ones as well, you who feed my hopes and change my path, you who make it possible for me to communicate, and for the mute, deaf and blind and those who cry for knowledge, you who speak so many languages reaching so many hearts and freeing minds…

To you my friend, I dedicate my idea, my work. I return part of you, now my friend, now that we are submerged in a virtual, volatile and possibly fleeting world, now I show your story, your perennial homes, although your leaves full of invisible but tangible value, seem like they want to become… deciduous leaves.

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