I search in some rooms of an old people’s home in the Spanish Levante region. Each of them have the same continent, but with a very different content.

Many times we have heard the question: “Which 4 things would you take to a desert island with you?” Little worlds, where you can find photographs to avoid forgetting about your past, religious images which move mountains, medicine to grab onto your life and the silence which accompanies tranquility, these are the 4 objects that each of these desert islands have.

There is no place for fashion nor ideology, only memories and beliefs. Places to retreat, for intimacy, for sincere thoughts, for lamentations, for chats, for smiles, for beautiful words and nice gestures. A perfect coctail to create a unique essence. Temporary homes that intend to become perennial.

This series of photographs hopes to generate in the public a creative, personal and social reflexion about how each of us has an influence on the artificial needs we have created for ourselves, making us sensitive to our own individual life cycles, but also trying to generate a social sensitivity about the evolution of our present society.

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