This installation represents how the non-stop indiscriminate construction of houses crumbles down, and with it many homes and, therefore, families too.

This business turns into a game in which not everybody knows, follows and respects all the rules, so the game starts in unequal conditions.

Disregarding the voice of experience, consciousness and even human dignity; with an eye on the dollar sign and dreaming of castles in the sky, we will soon find a surprising and unexpected «game over», with no chance of returning these many homeless families to the «main menu». Tireless fighters, burdened with rage, pain, repentance and hope; all of them will find in these cards a small encouragement to not let their voices be silenced and to regain their strength.

Hopefully greed will give way to effort, and reproaches will give way to a genuine intention of starting a new life in empty houses which are full of the need for human warmth.

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