How can we detach ourselves and try to get a voluntary solitude so sadly lacking today?

Longed-for moments. Ephemeral and fleeting moments. The search for a unique, highly personal, sentimental and emotional time.

We are born with genetic impulses to satisfy innate needs. “Inheritance” modified by our context, submerged in mandates, prohibitions and restriccions. We are left to become referees, to socially stay alive, and in “the places of the Ego.” Mental places where we are confronted with our thoughts and memories, imagination and creativity, fears and doubts; a private haven, with no protection. Outdside the world keeps moving at high speed, but my world remains static. When I need it, I purgue it and there it is.

The places of the Ego” are represented in pairs of images. Each pair of images will show a manipulated place, whereas the second image will show a scene without any alteration, with the objective of bringing together two worlds in one single place.

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