The cataloguing of Spanish libraries, one for each province to gather and stop time in these spaces that are being modified by the inclusion of the digital world. It is a way of showing the transformation of the “traditional room” to the “virtual room”.

Libraries are spaces where you can “surf without the net”. They could lose the importance and place they deserve, becoming “knowledge cemetaries” in their effort to adapt to a fleeting present.

Then, the magic of these dwellings, perpetuating their origin and essence, triggering the curiosity in future generations to combine new technologies and tradicional tools. Many young people can be taken out of “Plato’s cave”, a closed and private world and taken into an open public world, outside of their computers, mobile phones, smartphones and ipads.

The weight of art relies on education. It shows how information and communication change. But also shows one how to read in silence, to oneself, in private, for one’s soul. Libraries, laboratories that make social relationships more human, places to exchange ideas. The future of the world will evolve and remain filled with precious volumes of our history and identity.

At the present time we belong to a society which is mainly virtual, volatile, visual, but let’s not forget that eyes are noe thing but a way of looking is another thing altogether.

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