This project aims to transmit a reflection of the evolution of interests, feelings, needs, values, emotions…of the human being inside a society which is individual, fleeting, virtual and always changing.

Through this series of photographs I have worked on the metaphor of considering smoke as the soul of humans.

Slowly, without noticing it (or yes, we do), we blend into a society, we dissipate in a group responsibility, which dehuminazes us. Then we feel empty and we do not care or we do not notice the human goodness which is around us. Pain does not hurt anymore, crying does not affect us, and sadness does not make us feel sorry.

This project intends to offer us an opportunity to back up or to not keep walking towards an individualism that leaves us empty of human richness which we do expect from others. Then, little by little, we lose parts of our soul, which is broken up into pieces. Therefore we lose faith in the human goodness which we are born with.

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