Through this work the artist shares with his public an entire day. 24 delicate slides which save and summarize 24 hours of interior and exterior contemplation which will never return. This work is a “stop” along the way. The photographer rebels against the high speed of time, of life. It is the consequence of a reflection on the changes experienced, and not digested yet, and of the fortune of participating in other changes.

As the minutes go by you contemplate the changing surrounding in absolute calm and silence, while the observer remains static, divesting himself of routine and obliged immediacy, conditioned instead and absorbed by the senses. To feel the sea breeze, to smell the salt spray, to hear the waves, to see the sea without looking at it, all these are a worthy gift transformed into art.
His aim: to slow down reality for a few hours in order to captivate its geometric pieces by means of the measurements and times of analogue photography, giving shape to a context, our context, further testing an identity contemplated face to face.

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